Jay and I have decided to start this blog in order to keep track of our kids’ progress throughout the years, to give them something entertaining (hopefully) to read when they grow up, to keep family and friends in the loop of our daily life and to reach out to anyone who cares what it is like to walk a day or two in our shoes! We hope to keep up with the blog on a regular basis and to entertain you along the way. While we can’t promise anything, we’ll do our best.

DISCLAIMER: nothing in this blog is to upset anyone, it is our thoughts, our interpretation of life and our story… please do not bash us for having an opinion on life!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Adventures of the Choo Choo Wagon

A few months back, I found and fell in love with the Choo Choo Wagon by Step 2 (you can buy yours by clicking the link)!  Once I fell in love with it, Jay only made me beg for about three minutes before he gave in and told me I could order it!  Five days later it was delivered to our house while I was working.  Jay put it together before I got home and the minute I walked in the door Noah rushed to show me what he got in the mail that day!!  He was so excited and jumped right in!

Because of my cleanliness compulsion, I refused to let the Choo Choo Wagon go outside.  HELLO?!  Yes, I'm that bad that I didn't want our new toy to get dirty!  I took Noah on a quick run around the driveway and back inside it went.  It was still cold outside when we got it, so we put it in the twins' room, where we tripped over it for about a month before the weather allowed us to take it outside.  I'm still crazy about keeping it "clean"... I know, I'm a dork... but at least the kids get to enjoy it now!

So one night we decided to pack up the kids and take our first of many walks.  We use to walk with Noah every night, but stopped when winter came.  We are hoping to continue our walking tradition this summer with all the kids.

Getting ready for our walk!
Please ignore the mess near the shed (that's Jay's house according to Noah) and Yes, I spray painted numbers on our driveway so that Noah can "jump" to them and "find" them whenever his little heart pleases!

Noah saying bye-bye to Nina before our walk!
And yes, that is the alphabet running down the driveway!

And yes, that sign says "Caution Firearms in Use, Keep Out"... don't judge us!

Carter rode like this most of the trip yelling "da da da da da da"!

Finally made it to the bottom!  Better make sure Nina is still coming!!

On the road!

Mommy's turn to pull up hill!

Daddy's turn!

Daddy's babies!

Paige needs to cheer up!

Carter chillaxing!

Noah cheesing!

Mommy's perfect angels!

Thank God Daddy offered to tackle the driveway....

Our driveway is a lot steeper than it looks here, but we finally made our way home.  Noah told us he loved his ride and the twins were content to sit and chill in the wagon while we blew bubbles with Noah!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Choo Choo Wagon!  If you checked out the Step 2 link above then you will see that the train is sold with two cars.  You must pay additionally to add the third... or fourth.  The only downside to the wagon is the handle.  For me, it is the perfect length, for Jay, not so much.  His stride is longer so the wagon comes up on him faster and it sometimes hits his heels.  The handle could be a little longer in order to accommodate a longer stride.

We were not paid for this review, nor did we receive any other compensation... we just LOVE this product!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning... or Spring Playing?

As you can see, this is my third post today.  I mentioned in my first one that we have been busy.  Between feeding babies, changing diapers, doing dishes and doing laundry Spring has arrived and we've been trying to soak up a little sun and fresh air!

My favorite part of Spring is finding these all over my house...



And these outside...
 Fence Lizards

With all our playing outside and work inside, a few people have asked me when do I "find time for myself"?  Well, the truth is... I don't, and I'm okay with that.  It is rare that Noah will take a nap anymore on the weekends, but on the occasions that I see this in my house....

I spend the extra time cleaning up from the hour before everyone crashed.  Daddy says I need to learn to let the house go a little more, but it generally looks like a hurricane went through it, so how can I do that?  Two seconds after I clean it, my two year old runs through a room and things are everywhere once more!  It's hard to keep up unless you never stop.  I do Spring cleaning everyday! I guess I do get a few minutes here and there... but spending time taking care of my kids and my house are just more enjoyable to me then spending time alone!  Unless of course it's getting a massage....

So, now that Spring has sprung and the weather is more to my liking... I have learned that if we spend more time doing things like this....

my house will stay a lot cleaner and my big boy a lot happier!!!  Less time cleaning, and more time smiling!  Spring is here and Mommy has decided to enjoy it!!!! (Well... until laundry day at least)!

Family Time!

Over the Easter holiday we decided to try and take some family photos!  I want to wait until the babies can sit and/or stand before going for professional pictures, so until then....

What do you mean we aren't suppose to hold babies like this?

 No babies were harmed in the making of these photos!

I'm sad this one came out blurry!  He was so freakin' happy!

So until we go have our photos done, we hope you enjoyed the photo stylings of Nina!