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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter 2012

First off, I must apologize for my tardiness on getting you these photos of our Easter!  Time got away from me and I've been MIA for way too long!  Work got busy, kids got even more demanding...

We had a blast at Easter and thought we'd share a bunch of photos to kick us back off into blogging! 

Noah's first egg dying

Attempting to write on an egg

Ta Da!  Look what I made!

Needless to say the eggs were all solid colors and broken... Noah is rather impatient and Mommy is a bit clumsy!

The next morning the Easter Bunny had come!

Carter's Basket

Noah's Basket

Paige's Basket

Carter was the first to wake up! He was thrilled to see what that bunny brought him!

Noah was the next to join the party and was a bit confused about the "mess" on the table

It quickly changed to excitement once he saw the candy, which he ate for breakfast!

That crazy bunny had hid Noah's eggs ALL over the living room!

Daddy and Paige finally joined in on the action!

The Easter Bunny brought Paige a few headbands!

Oh, and then that pesky bunny hid eggs outside full of candy and money!  Crazy Rabbit!

Paige couldn't decide which headband to wear, so she opted for both!

Nina and Noah blowing bubbles

Noah found a caterpillar

Oh, you are still here!

Fighting is our favorite sport!

But we always make up!

G-Pa is going to kill me, but he came by to visit and the pictures were cute!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! 

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  1. Looks like you had a Happy Easter!